Breakers Mentor Fellowship

Mentorship Goals of the Fellowship

• To produce a closer personal fellowship with God.

• To promote spiritual maturity in manhood.

• To equip men to serve as fathers, husbands, brothers, servants, and mentors.

Fellowship Components

Pastor Prentice Dupins, Sr. is inviting 16 men (8 single, 8 married) to be participants in this charter group of men mentoring men. The challenge is for participants to commit to an intense mentoring process for 16 weeks (August, September, October, November.) They must also commit to the entire opening retreat weekend and the closing retreat weekend. Interested men will be provided with an application to submit followed by an interview process for selection.

The curriculum for this mentorship group will be chapters of the book, “What is a Man?” by Prentice Dupins. Coach Dupins will serve as the mentor for this charter group. During the 16 weeks, Coach Dupins will meet personally with participants every other week. The group will meet every other week. Typically, a group meeting will last 75 - 90 minutes. A mentor session will last one hour or less.

How to Apply for the Fellowship

You may download an information packet or an application. Complete and submit the application.  The application process will be open until July 1, 2017 or until the 8 married and 8 single positions are filled.